Thursday, August 6, 2009

Current babies for sale

I have 2 black/blue Showgirls that are about 3 months old that I THINK are one hen one roo, but they are really too young for me to tell. $15 each

I have a Sizzle black or blue Silkie, 5 toes on one foot, 4 on the other. I think it's a rooster but I'm not sure. EXTREMELY sweet. $15 Will keep this one if it doesn't sell.

White Silkie, I think it's a he, but it's a month old so I am only guessing.

I don't know why I think they are all roosters. I'm just guessing. I'm starting to write down what I THINK are roos and we'll see when they get older if I'm right. So they may be all hens, who knows!


Cindy said...

your instincts are probably right. I could tell early on with ours, the roos are bossier and bolder acting quite young. Do keep us informed on your observations and findings.

Chris said...

Hi, My names Chris and I'm new to blogger. I found you while doing a search for silkie chickens. I currently have a beared silkie and would like to add another one or two with her. So just asking have you had any chicks this year. Also interested in colors other than black, would prefer white or gray speckled. You are the first I've found in Jacksonville with silkies, please e-mail me back. I noticed you hadn't updated this year so wasn't sure you still have some for sale.

p.s. I saw someone said something about chickens inside. Mine comes in whenever she wants. Normally its just to eat the dogs food. (in the city limits I call it a show bird not chicken)

Photographing life's sweetest moments! said...

Hi Chris, yes I've been bad about updating this blog, I've been meaning to create a new site.

I do have some chicks, email me at

**ALLDJS** said...

Very nice! Do you offer hatching eggs from your white Showgirls?