Thursday, August 6, 2009

Current babies for sale

I have 2 black/blue Showgirls that are about 3 months old that I THINK are one hen one roo, but they are really too young for me to tell. $15 each

I have a Sizzle black or blue Silkie, 5 toes on one foot, 4 on the other. I think it's a rooster but I'm not sure. EXTREMELY sweet. $15 Will keep this one if it doesn't sell.

White Silkie, I think it's a he, but it's a month old so I am only guessing.

I don't know why I think they are all roosters. I'm just guessing. I'm starting to write down what I THINK are roos and we'll see when they get older if I'm right. So they may be all hens, who knows!


My breakfast: Frosted Mini Wheats. My chickens' breakfast: fresh feed, Ice water, slices of wheat bread and a frozen watermelon.