Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tons of new ones

Well the white Silkies & Showgirls are doing good they are getting used to the spoiled life. For the most part they can't even see what's right in front of them. One of the Showgirls is a little more boisterous than the others. If my hand comes in the cage she's a running to see what I have.

I gave them a bowl of yogurt the other day and the white ones have gotten so used to the treats they didn't even hesitate they just dipped their heads-fro and all-right into the bowl to grab some. Oh they loved it.

Monday night I heard some chirping and some flop, flop, flop in the incubator. A little Showgirl hatched, like 3 days early! I have it's sibling egg still in there waiting to hatch.

I have about 15 chicks in the brooder in the frontroom. ($10-$15 for a Showgirl chick if you want one!)

And in other news our big Cochin is a rooster. He has started crowing and is quite upset that he is not the dominant roo. So much so that he doesn't want us to hold him anymore. He needs a new home!

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