Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer is here

It's hot, it's muggy, and the blackberries are in bloom. I LOVE, absolutely LOVE walking in the evenings picking blackberries along our property line. Not because of the thorns that stick me, or the mosquitos that thick my bug spray is barbeque sauce on the blood buffet that I am to them, but because of the scenery, and the simpleness of it all.

It's so quiet and serene. And it feels so nice and satisfying to pick big fat blackberries and pop them in your mouth knowing their are no chemicals on them or illegal workers out picking them so you can pay an exorbinant fee at the grocery store. Nope, they are fresh picked and shoved whole in my mouth. Yum!

On the chicken front, got rid of all the Cochins except Coach (the big roo who desperately needs some girls of his own aka a new home) and my inlaws roo next door that hasn't started crowing yet.

I still have tons of little mutt chickies of my inlaws that could use a new home. 5 for $10, anyone want them? They are Rotisserie's children if you have seen pics of her on here.

I have been throwing those blocks of blue ice things in the coops to help cool things down a bit. Then switch them out halfway through the day for fresh ones. Not sure if the chickens have realized what they are for.

Oprah is broody again. I locked her out of the chicken house today and she's not too happy about it. She keeps looking up at the house door dreaming of the eggs in there she doesn't have!

Some of my babies are starting to sweeten up to me. I've noticed when they are first hatched, they tend to be antisocial to me unless they are singled out for several days on their own (in own cage). But when they hit about 1.5 months or so, they start to figure out that I'm not such a bad person--I mean, look at all the goodies I bring!

Pork Chop, the blue Partridge colored Bow-tied Showgirl that my husband named (because of the hair on her face) will jump on my lap and sleep. She doesn't mind her body being rubbed either.

My little splash, Bobbi, is starting to figure out the lap thing. And she watches the coop door. She wants to run and eat grass. I'm scared though, after the whole hawk situation. She's bigger then the other baby, but I'm pretty sure that ballsy hawk would try to take off with her!

And today, I sat on the coop floor, which I don't normally do and Pork Chop jumped in my lap and everyone started coming over to see what was going on and what was so cool about my lap. The little buff colored Showgirls are starting not to flinch when I pet them, which is good. And the blue sibling to Bobbi, stopped flinching and just crawled up on my legs and put her head down and made sweet little sounds as I stroked her feathers.

I think I'm going to have to go back out there with strawberries and relax a bit more before we go to the movies.

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