Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yesterday we had 2 Giant Cochins pip. One pipped at the wrong end and died a couple of hours later. Not quite sure why. I had laid both on a moist rag in the incubator, don't think that had anything to do with it, but you never know. The other one is now out dried off and in with the 2 week olds. He is almost as large as they are. When I opened the bator this morning he flung himself from one end to the other (where I was) and chirped non stop at me.

We have 5 more that are supposed to hatch. Will probably sell them for $10 each. These are supposed to be the Giant Cochins, had to have them specialty shipped in as not many people around here have them. In fact, at the Clay County Fair I only saw one giant Cochin. They are pretty docile like the Silkies though. We'll probably keep 1-2 of these chicks and sell the rest.

Two of Nuggets eggs are hatching this morning as well as 3 of the Cochin eggs.

I need to take the big chickens in for pictures with their ribbons, but I accidentally dropped my main lense at the fair last week and screwed it royaly. So I have a new lense coming in and then they'll go to the studio.

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JEZZIKAzart Photos & Design said...

awwwwe all the new little chickies:) yea and damn that gravity and concrete for bustin your lens! ;) Glad you're getting a new one!