Monday, April 13, 2009

New eggs

Ordered 2 dozen eggs (splashes & blues I believe) from one of the most well known Silkie breeders in the country. They came in today, 3 cracked. Were supposed to be delivered Friday but they were temporarily lost--so I was basically hunting for the eggs over Easter weekend. Kind of ironic!

Brought them home and put them in the incubator. Readjusted all the eggs, numbered the new ones, etc. and one of my eggs in the bator started chirping at me. Can't figure out who, but I am expecting a batch of babies to hatch in the next two days. Probably one of the giant Cochin eggs.

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rhonda69 said...

just am so intrigued with your hobby. back in the 60's i had over 47 varities of chickens, m0stly bantams. silkies and polish and barred rocks(bantams) were my most favorites. i have fallen in love with the show girls. am trying to figure out how i can get away with having some here im the mobile home park. lol. but, i'm half serious. do you ever allow visitors?. i'm 67 now, so am very limited in what i can do, health wise. i'm from michigan thanks for listening jack