Friday, April 10, 2009

My current litter

I know technically it's "brood" but I liked the sound of "litter" better. I took these last week. I actually have more chicks then this now. But the ones I have for sale are in the above photo scattered. Above I have (from left to right) Partridge Showgirl, Blue Showgirl, one white and one splash Silkie, One Cochin, one mutt chicky (my inlaws grand chick), Splash Silkie, Polish, Blue Showgirl.
For sale: 2 Splash Silkies $10 each), 2 blue Showgirls ($15 each)
I also have 2 two month old white Silkies that I want $20 each for or $35 for the pair. I'm debating about keeping one of them though. They come from show winning stock.
I'm also selling two of my roosters, Star (blue splash, which is basically greys and blacks) and Lola (white). Both are bow tied and I want $25 each for them. They are show winning roosters. I would actually keep Star, but hubby says no. I'm thinking (although I'm not certain on the genetics thing) that if he bred with another Silkie or Showgirl with the blue gene, you should get some splash chicks.
NOTE: Star and the two splash chicks have been spoken for, but not paid for. If you are interested, let me know and I'll put you on the list to call if they aren't bought on Sat. night.