Monday, April 27, 2009

The mutt neighbor rooster & Helmet with his women

I got a new camera in this last week and the lighting was so beautiful last night that I pulled it out with my 70-200 lense and tried to photograph the chickens.

This is our irresponsible neighbor's rooster. From what people at BYC say it is apparantally just a gorgeous mutt. A mutt who is now a daddy roo to a couple of our chicks. Spent this weekend helping our inlaws next door build their own coop so that they can house this guy, Rotisserie (mutt chick that we hatched) and her chicks plus one Giant Cochin chick she adopted.

This is our giant Cochin, she is as big as Silky right now and isn't quite 3 months old. She should get to be about 9 lbs at full grown. She runs after me, quite cute.
Helmet and his girls.
Helmet and his girls and the Cochin.

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angelandspot said...

He sure is pretty. But yeah, I would be upset if he sired chicks with your purebred hens.