Saturday, April 11, 2009

FAIR winnings & sold chickens update

So we brought our 3 Showgirl roos and 2 Silkie Hens to the fair. We were the ONLY ones with Silkies & Showgirls. And let's just say the Showgirls were especially showstoppers. People would walk by looking and you could just see it in there head: "chicken, nother chicken, chicken, what in the heck is that?!" They def. stopped traffic and we got tons of questions and tons of calls.

Apparantally, everyone loved Star, our blue Showgirl roo as we have had several calls on him. I haven't seen many non white Showgirls, so I don't blame them for looking. I wouldn't have minded keeping him, but hubby says no.

So far, everything listed in the last post has been spoken for. All should be gone tonight.

After the judging last week we had 4 Bs and 1 R written on our birds' tags, so I asked to clarify what each meant. The guy said that B stands for blue ribbon which is the best, R stands for red ribbon which is like second place and W is white which are all they birds they were eating after 1:30. He was joking of course about the last part, lol. And luckily we didn't get any white ones!

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JEZZIKAzart Photos & Design said...

awesome!!!! congrats on the winnings! :) and howd the white ribbon ones taste? lol joking joking!