Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby chicks go to the studio!

Took SOME of the chickies to the studio last Friday for a little impromptu photo session.

This is the Silver laced Polish. Still not sure if I'm going to keep him or not.
Close up of her.

We have 5 Giant Cochin chicks. Three of them look like little penguins. I love how this one is laying.

This is one of the silver Cochins, calling for the others!
And one of the Partridge Showgirls--really close up! My husband has named this one "Pork Chop" because of the feathering around the face. The smaller Partridge chick has the same thing and hubby calls him "PorkY Chop.)


HorseFeathers said...

Aww! Why doesn't the polish have his poof?

Freelance 4 Hire Photography said...

That's whay my husband and I are asking too! We got him as an egg from a lady and hers had poofs. Trying to figure out what the deal is.