Thursday, March 26, 2009

Been bad

I've been soooo bad about updating.

Soooo, Rotisserie has started laying, she laid her 4th or 5th egg today. She is laying one every other day. She is smaller than the Silkies but her eggs are larger than theirs. As she started laying she immediately went broody which is totally odd. So she was sitting on 6 eggs, but I candled them yesterday and one had the blood ring of death, so she has 5 of them.

Helmet and the boys are crowing like crazy and each trying to assert his own dominance. Poor girls are being plucked bald. Each boy should have his own set of 3-5 girls. I have 3 roos and only 2 girls not being broody---poor girls!

Star has had some issues and is having difficulty mounting right. Which results in him grabbing (usually Nugget's hair) and pulling it while he's facing her and trying to jump on her. Nugget starts pulling his hair back and chasing him if she can get ahold of him.

The little cochin chick has become quite the sweety. She (HOPEFULLY!) follows us around and LOVES to roost on our arm. The white silkie chicks are doing ok, not quite as friendly. They are following the Cochin everywhere.

We have A batch of eggs due to hatch late next week, with one crested Pekin duck egg to hatch the next week! I also added 14 Cochin eggs (they were mailed to me) and about 6 of my chicken eggs to the bator yesterday. Ohhh boy are we going to have a bunch of babies!

The Button Quail hatched about 2-3 weeks ago--friggin tiny. They remind me of baby hamsters when they are first born, fuzzy and squirmy. They are starting to feather out, I need to get rid of them, not to interested in keeping jumpy birds that I have to ground up their food for. My mom says she wants them.

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