Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's freezing!

To say it's freezing outside is an understatement.

I've got 2 heat lamps going in the chicken house. The front of the house has a big opening of about 4 feet tall by 18" that get's closed up at night, but during the day is open. I made a vinyl cover for that with a hole just big enough for the chickens to come through. Figured that will keep some heat in and wind out.

I've been bringing hot water out in the mornings to dump in their coop water bowl as it freezes over night. (The water in the chicken house stays defrosted because of the heat lamps.)

Brought them out some hot oatmeal this morning with baby food mixed in. Figured that would help warm them up and the baby food would give them some extra nutrients.

Oprah is still broody.

Candled the eggs today and I MIGHT have one duck egg that will hatch. Debating on selling it though, if it hatches, as I kind of wouldn't mind a pair of ducks and I don't want to raise them at seperate times.

I don't think any of the Splash Silkie eggs I bought are going to hatch. The one that was forming looks like it has stopped. On the white eggs I bought, looks like about 10 of them are developing just fine. I think I'm going to keep at least one or two for awhile and sell the rest. Hopefully they won't both be roosters like both my white Showgirls ended up being.

I said something to Andy the other day about I think we might need to sell one of the little roosters and he immediately claimed Nugget as his own, which means Nugget is off limits to sell. Nugget's head poof is stereotypical of Showgirls head's kind of thin and meager. However, he is the baby and he is the one most inclined to come to me and jump on my lap. Not to mention he is a FULL naked neck. Lola (boy named Lola, he was a showgirl) has an awesome head poof, but is bowtied on the neck and is not as incline to be held or touched.

The Sizzle sisters are slowly getting integrated with the group. They spent most of yesterday in the big coop, being chased a couple of times. I kept trying to put them in the chicken house so they'll know where it's warm at. I found Helmet in there with them and he didn't seem to be biting them.

I'll post pics soon.

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JEZZIKAzart Photos & Design said...

I love spending time out there with you and your chickens. Its actually a very interesting hobby you have going on there :) would it be considered a hobby?