Monday, January 26, 2009


A quick and dirty run down for all those interested...

Oprah is till trying to hatch golfballs. I'm putting food in her nest box as she has lost some weight. She only seems to really eat when I put yogurt in it.

Nugget--She's still doing her typical routine, scared of the ramp into the chicken house and wants to sleep on her stick in the chicken run.

Lola--is def. a boy but we can't bring ourselves to rename him, so he is a boy named Lola!

Helmet--Def a boy. He jumped in my lap today to eat some bread. He has vision issues and bad aim, but knows if he jumps in my lap he can grab at all the food instead of little morsels on the ground. Hope his aim doesn't extend to the ladies!

Andy heard one of the chicks making hen sounds last night in the chicken house. They shouldn't start laying for AT LEAST 4 more weeks, so this is odd. We have a large chicken nest box out in the coop for Nugget and whomever if they don't feel like going in the chicken house and yesterday I found that someone had kicked all the bedding out of it. I put the bedding back in there and today I found little spots where someone had been making a nest in there. And I saw Star picking around in there, very odd.

Star--She is coming in the poofiest out of all the Showgirls. Very pretty. I rarely see anyone with non white Showgirls and I'm hoping she'll show really well. I'm kind of hopeful she's about to start laying, since all the signs are there.

Red--the Rhode Island Red that was abandoned and we've taken in. Still antsy around us but will eat out of my hand. She lays EVERY day, guaranteed.

Barbara--Thusly named because we thought she was a Barred Rock. Well BR's typically have a more even patterning to them. We thought she might be a Maran, but they are very rare and expensive so doubt that. After looking through A Pocket Full of Poultry (awesome book filled with pics and info on ducks, chickens and geese) we think she might be a Dominique. Ah well, Barbara suits her fine. She is more inclined to come up to me then Red.

A rooster has showed up in the yard. Our "neighbor" buys them and then takes off for weeks on end so chickens show up at our house. There are two roosters next door and one of them found the chicken coop with the ladies a couple of days ago and he is VERY happy to have found them. I've been letting Barbara and Red free range during the day with him and they come running back to the coop if they need to lay an egg or it's bedtime.

Eggs--I can't see anything in the Pekin eggs, I'm thinking they got scrambled in the mail. I was really looking forward to some poofy headed ducklings! Looks like 2-3 of my Cochin eggs are starting to develop. And a bunch of the Silkie eggs are starting to move around.

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JEZZIKAzart Photos & Design said...

Seems like the chickens are coming along just nicely...I think Im going to start sitting on some golf balls and see if that helps my broody mood at times LOL ;) Ya think it might help me or should I go for soft balls to sit on? LOL