Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To get more chickens, or not?

We are going to Lake City this weekend for a huge chicken show. May go to a chicken swap meet the weekend after that. Last time we went to the swap meet the only gorgeous silkies I saw were roosters, and well, there's only so many of those you need!

I've had several people ask me if I had any more silkies or showgirls for sale. I've been debating about getting some more eggs and hatching them out. I've been trying to wait until the cold weather is gone for sure though, as that means they can go outside in the coop sooner instead of living in my bathroom when they are more than a month old!

HOPEFULLY, in the next month I'll have another batch of eggs in the incubator. Hopefully, my husband won't read this, he loves the babies, but they scare him since they are so suceptible to illnesses, etc. Plus he doesn't like them living in the bathroom either.

But on to what I was wanting to post about...

If you would like a Showgirl or Silkie, please message me. Let me know which you would prefer and if you have color preferences.

Just in case you aren't sure, here are the colors, I'd likely be getting: black, blue (grey), white, splash (white with black/grey colorings. Those are the colors we are focusing on. We occasionally get a partridge as well which usually ends up being brown, redo, orangeish or black combination. Can't guarantee boys or girls obviously, too hard to sex them.

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