Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time to get dirty!

Probably thought this was a bad post didn't ya?! Dirty mind! Barbara and Red were taking dust baths this weekend. (Oprah, my black Silkie in the background.)

I don't ever see my Silkies and Showgirl's dust bathing, maybe cause they realize that they are little show babies and need baths in the sink!

I couldn't get too close to Barbara and Red (was using zoom lense) when I tried to get close with the camera and the wide angle lense, they jumped up and ran. The babies didn't like the camera either! But, not Oprah, she doesn't mind the camera at all. Isn't that appropriate!
(Excuse her crazy fro, she has bad eye sight and she gets her fro into yogurt and everything else, she always looks like a crazy woman!)

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JEZZIKAzart Photos & Design said...

cute & too funny! Your chickens are a trip!