Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hen or rooster?

Since we've started selling chickens we always get asked if the babies are girls or boys. The thing with Silkies is you can't really tell until they are about 5 months old and they either crow or lay an egg.

Some however have some obvious traits and adult roosters typically have a couple of different traits then Silky hens.

We currently don't have an adult rooster, our last one was a show winning rooster and we didn't even have him a week when a oposum broke into the coop and killed the poor guy. (Hubby came home from work and IMMEDIATELY started working on the NEW coop which would be a miracle if any animal around here broke into!)

On the left is Oprah, right Bwock.
It's a little hard to tell with these pics being so small, but roosters typically have streamers coming from their top know (fro). It's like they have a poof and then these crazy little pieces that come out much longer.

They also have pointy neck feathers, almost like strands of hair.

You can see the streamers in Bwock's fro on this one.
It was a windy day when I shot these, but you can still see them a bit here. You can also see the neck feathers are very pointy. It's easier to see when you hold a male next to a female and learn the difference. At least it was for me.
The red thing on top of his beak is his "comb." For Silkies, they should, preferable be purplish. And they are kind of flat like, not pointy like other breeds. Bwock's was a little red, but he made up for it. He was a gorgeous splash color (means the black & white or like him black, grey and white, almost like a dalmation with spots).
Decent streamer shot.

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