Monday, January 19, 2009

Golf ball momma!

Soooo, Oprah is going to be a happy little golf ball momma. She's been broody on some golf balls for nearly 2 weeks now. I purchased eggs and have them in the bator, I'll probably give her the chicks when they hatch. This is the second time she's gone broody (wanting to hatch out babies) in about 3 months.

In about a month, I'm going to have to start selling some babies, cause I can't keep all of them. I'll have: white Silkies (from show stock, hubby doesn't want any more white ones), standard Cochins (feather footed like Silkies, but these are HUGE, I fell in love with them at the poultry show, very sweet and docile birds), and some Pekin ducks (hopefully crested, I only plan to keep 1-2 of them). Price will vary depending on quality when they are born.

Hubby found out yesterday about all the eggs. He was a bit shocked. He also admitted the reasons he doesn't like when we get more: 1-He gets attached to them 2-He hates when chickies get sick or if they die 3-Our pen is made to hold over 30 birds and he fears it's too tight with 10!

He really loathes the buying and selling part and feels it's cruel. I can understand that. But I tried to explain to him it's not likely they are going to slaughter (who wants to eat black meat anyways!) and they are bringing enjoyment to someone else.

In other news the Sizzle Sisters are quite sweet. They come running up to my hand and if they see me feeding the other chickens in the coop get very upset if I'm not feeding them too. They are currently penned off inside the coop (in the bathtub at night) as the others are dreadfully mean to them. Even the teenage showgirls who chase down the Sizzle Sisters and pull out their feathers. Poor girls, they think Nugget is their momma and run to her and she pecks them too!

Everyone is loving free ranging in the evening though. So much so that whenever I try to go in with treats they try to run out the door. Apparantally, the grass really is greener on the other side! (Chickens eat and tear up grass so they have NONE in their coop.)

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