Sunday, January 11, 2009

Getting ducks!

After seeing this pic on awhile back I have been wanting some crested ducks. I mean, how friggin adorable, the duck is wearing a barrette!

As adults they look like the following pic. I ordered some eggs from the lady who has the ones below. Oprah, my silkie hen, has gone broody and I told Andy that she could hatch out the eggs. I think Andy thought I was joking. Oh no, it is a done deal, sign, sealed and paid for with Paypal. Woohhaaahaha.

So, we went to the Lake City Poultry Show this weekend. Not too many silkies and showgirls for sale that looked that great. Saw all kinds of awesome looking birds. I love the huge Cochins. Andy fell in love with the Lemon Blue Modern Game Birds. I think I might order some eggs and hatch them for him as a suprise. Not like he checks the incubator anyways!
They had some nice birds on display though. I think our Showgirls will def. show well against those next year. Nugget might have a good chance from our Silkies.
Speaking of, Nugget laid her first egg last week. I have a pic, will post it later.

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JEZZIKAzart Photos & Design said...

:) hehe went ahead and got those eggs huh? Can't wait to see the hatchlings.