Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The chicks are learning!

For the last month or so I had been taking them outside during the day and getting them used to living in the coop. But they always went inside at night.

Well a week ago it finally was warm enough to leave them out all night. Typically, at dark chickens will go get into their house. But when it turned dark, my babies would be at the door of the chicken run (a wire mesh thing, kind of like a HUGE cage) crying bloody murder, pleading me to take them inside. Every night I would have to round them up, all at once and put them in the chicken house. If I didn't put them all in their at the same time, they would run out while I was chasing the other ones.

Last night it was dark when I got home and the coop looked still. Then I saw shadows. I started calling for them and the babies came running for the run door, chirping at me. So I gathered them all back up and put them in the house and closed the house door.

Today I was late getting home and much to my suprise they were all in the house on their own! I crawled in and checked on them and gathered eggs. They just chirped at me. I know they would rather go in the house, but I'm glad they are finally getting the hang of it!