Monday, December 22, 2008

The calendar

About a week ago I took the chickies in for a photo shoot. Everyone kept saying I needed to make a calendar so I figured I should get a couple more shots.

This one didn't make it in, but I love it anyways. My labrador mix, Onyx, is a very good sport and has been in the newspaper before, but she usually acts like she's being beaten or something. It is very hard to get her to perk up her ears like she's a happy-go-lucky labrador. And she really does NOT like it when I put another animal on her. She doesn't try to eat them or anything, it just upsets her.
This one is an older pic of my little completely naked neck Showgirl (boy, lol) Helmet taken in Oct when he was much smaller. I put him on a rim of a wine glass. The coloring is a vintage coloring to the pic. This one is in the calendar. I love this shot of him.
This is Mrs. Chicken Nugget. One of the reasons we went to the studio was because she had gotten a bath the night before and a blow dry. Didn't want to waste a good clean chicken! Oprah's fro always looks raggedy, but Nugget keeps hers nice and clean. And yes, she does have eyes!
Out of my 3 Showgirl chicks, I'm starting to think this one is my ONLY girl. Her name is Star, like Silver Star, since she has a bit of grey/silver to her. This photo has a special tint to it which makes her look even lighter. She has awesome foot feathering and her fro (technically called a Top Knot) is coming in quite huge. She is really poofy.
This is the cover of the calendar. The shot was from my first batch of Silkie babies.
The calendar is a mixture of photos of my Showgirls and Silkies, from childhood to adults. You can preview the calendar and order it from here:

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