Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Buff Orpingtons

We only raise Silkies and Showgirls. They are a smaller chicken, weighing tops 2lbs when full grown.

We went to a chicken swap meet in Gainesville the Sat. before Thanksgiving and someone had some HUGE Buff Orpington chickens for free. My mother has been wanting some chickens, but she wants a large breed, so we asked the lady if they were roos or hens. She said she got them from a lady who needed to get rid of them but they hadn't crowed since she had them.

So we took them home.

It didn't take 24 hours for us to realize they were roosters. LOL, people who have regular chickens are probably like "No duh, those are BIG BOYS." But Silkies and showgirls are harder to sex and we aren't used to it.

Within a day they started doing the rooster dance whenever the stray hens (neighbor's hens who have been abandoned and we have begun feeding) came to the coop door. And one went after Oprah (my female Silkie who has bad eye sight). Let's just say I feel bad for a 1-2lb Silkie being bred with a 7-10lb Orpington! Poor girl!

So we are finding the roos new homes and using the money to get my mom some hens.

This is a shot from the outside of the coop. The B&W hen is a Barred Rock mix (one of the strays). You can see Oprah kind of hiding by the door, and then that huge Buff Orp. We ended up letting the two stray hens, just to give some relief to poor Oprah.
This is inside the coop. My brother's dog is outside the coop (they were visiting from NC). You can see how small Oprah is in comparison to the Orp.

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