Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday photos

My husband and I decided to do something a little fun for one of our holiday photos. So the showgirls, became well...stars of the show!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas photos!

Couldn't resist getting some Christmas photos last Sunday.

Lola, Star and Helmet with their little scarves.
This is Helmet, he is supposed to be our rooster for next year.
The chickens HATED their hats and scarves. Helmet tolerated it more than most.

Star acted like she was drunk on eggnog when we put hers on.

This is the "I'm going to kill you in your sleep" look she's giving us for puttin the santa hat on her.
Our friend's daughter Calista loves to play farmer at our house and pose for pics with the chickens and ducks. This is my inlaws mutt chicken that we call "Crazy."

Calista's silkie "Nugget.

If you are in the Jacksonville are and want pet photos, contact

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our first post, about us!

My name is Christy, I own Shared Acres with my husband Alejandro (Andy). We call it Shared Acres because his parents live next door and while they have more property than we do, we share in much of the outside chores.

We started raising Chinese Silkie chickens a couple of months ago. The reason we got them instead of a different breed was that we wanted chickens that would be friendly and more pet like. Silkies are the lap dog of the chicken world.

Some interesting things about the Silkies: They have black meat and bones, so unless you want some REALLY dark meat, I'd just keep them as pets, as we do.

The majority of their feathers don't have barbs in them--which would make them stick together. Instead it looks like they are half rabbit and they feel rather soft. They typically have big poofs on their heads and big poofs on their butts. VERY cute!

We created this blog so our friends and family could see our chickens and so those that were interested in chickens can see ours and what we are doing. Also, in case we have some for sale, which we occasionally do, we might list them here. If you are in the market for silkies or Showgirl silkies (they have no feathers on their necks, so when they are adults they look like they are wearing a big poofy hat and have a boa outfit on--like Vegas Showgirls) feel free to contact us!